Warm Feeling – The Video

I have made a simple video for my recent Warm Feeling track using nothing but free software and a bit of creative nouse.

I set up my digital camera on a tripod in front of the computer screen, played the track in WinAmp with the Milk Drop 2 visualisations set to full screen and recorded it.
Using Windows Live Movie Maker, I turned off the audio from the camera microphone, re-inserted the original audio file, and added the captions.
Using another piece of free software called Any Video Converter I compressed the file and converted it to a much smaller .MPEG4 file with a screen resolution of 1280 x 720p.

Finally I uploaded it to You Tube. I think it works well and suits the music.
I will publish a high quality audio track on Bandcamp in the near future.


One response to “Warm Feeling – The Video

  1. Down with this so much I might nick it. Great idea. The Butthole Surfers did a thing about video feedback and the infinity loop of looking in, looking in, looking in (ad-infinitem).


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