Melt Water – Free mp3

Melt Water mp3

This particularly musical dripping water sound caught my ear recently. I recorded it on my old iPhone 3GS; the only thing I had to hand at the time.
The sound quality is pretty poor but it served as the starting point and inspiration for this piece.

Initially you just hear the field recording with some people talking in the background. I ran the field recording through a few delay filters and settled for the one you hear next, just passed the 1.00 minute mark.
The actual processed water sound was far too loud and busy sounding but the sound of the delay fading away went on for five minutes or more before becoming inaudible so I used part of that instead.

The other major component of this sound is a looped synth pad. It also chatters and burbles away almost endlessly. I have deliberately let this roll for a long time. There are a lot of subtle nuances and barely audible suggestions of instruments in the pad sounds and it does evolve slightly as time passes.

I was tempted to develop this further and keep adding things into the mix but there is an almost meditational, mantra-like quality to the repetitions from the pad that I really didn’t want to spoil so I’ve left well alone for now. I find it interesting how the subtleties from the pad become audible as the sound of the water fades. It’s also intellectually satisfying to realize that at the beginning of the piece you are hearing purely natural sound but by the end you you are hearing purely synthetic sound.

I hope you enjoy it.


6 responses to “Melt Water – Free mp3

  1. I really like this. Clean and ringing and a million miles away from my dirty noise. Very tempted by field recording but the arguing itinerants in Asda chased me away. Next time I’ll hide in the cornflakes.


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